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Consulting and brokerage company "RELTO"

Consulting and brokerage company "RELTO" with 8 years of experience offers full package of real estate related services: buying, selling, renting, pledge, investing.
The company has it’s own website (, whose coverage area is not only Georgia, but also post-Soviet countries. The company attaches great attention to attraction of foreign investments and clients in Georgia, which greatly increases the chances of making the desired and beneficial transaction.

What exactly does the company offer you?
• Posting announcements on renting and selling your real estate on your own page;
• Finding a potential client and negotiating with them;
• Finding the real estate you wish and negotiating with the property owner for further purchase, renting (lease) or pledges.
• Assistance in determining the market value of the property;
• Development of property selling marketing plan;
• Study the views of users interested in your property;
• Regularly providing information;
• Saving your energy and time;
• Full legal service in the process of transaction
Time is money, save your time with Relto!
Contact us
Tel: +995 571 199 100, +995 790 525 011
Mail: [email protected]
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571 199 100
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